Barbara Riddle, Tampa area garden design

Barbara Riddle


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  • Weekly maintenance
  • Seasonal rejuvenation
  • Embellishments
  • Manicuring
  • Colorful, Cascading Containers
  • Special Occasions such as weddings, parties, showers, etc.
  • Garden rooms
  • Specialized gardens
    • Remembrance - Soothing and reflective, usually accompanied by a bench and fountain.
    • Moonlight - Nocturnal, white, sweet-scented plants... best served barefoot with wine.
    • English - Roses and perennials in orderly chaos; great bouquets for table arrangements.
    • Kitchen Garden - Herbs and veggies for snipping and cooking, conveniently located for the chef.
    • Zen garden - Sparse, spare and totally serene, great for meditation.
    • Xeriscape - Florida native and drought-tolerant yet bountiful.
    • Tropical - lush, exotic and steamy...your own private jungle.