Your Gardening Worries
will Disappear!


After many years of gardening for my own enjoyment and numerous requests to help others with their gardens, I have decided to garden for your enjoyment. Prior to moving to Florida, my gardens recieved an award from the city of Quincy, Massachusetts. I was so excited to move here with the opportunity to follow my passion year-round. Please understand that I am neither a landscaper nor a landscape contractor. My mission is to enhance and embellish your landscape with perennials, annuals, bulbs, vines, and containers.

Having summoned Garden Magicians into your life, you are about to marvel at the joy of having a finely-tuned outdoor environment. From now on your home's gardens will be stylish from the street, fashionable from the front entrance and savored from the sensual surrounds of your own backyard.

Feel free to absorb the ambience that Garden Magicians has created for you:

  • Your exisiting garden beds have been rearranged, fertilized, and fine-tuned to exude their finest qualities.
  • The splashes of color have been carefully chosen for each distinct garden area according to your specifications for color, perfume, and atmosphere.
  • Containers, urns, and hanging baskets are overflowing with blooms and fragrance, daring you to overlook them.
  • Your gardens are glowing with vigor and reward you with admiration from your friends and neighbors.

Garden Magicians will tweak, arrange, and manicure for special occasions or on a regular schedule to keep your gardens at their peak of health all year long.


Barbara and Julie Riddle
813-792-9060- home
813-541-8636- cell