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Sunrise over Lake Pretty on a warm spring morning.

Below are some of the highlight from the Hillsborough County Gardening Calendar *, compiled by Sydney Park Brown.  


  • Transplant cold hardy shrubs and trees
  • Prune deciduous fruit and ornamental plants
  • Protect tender plants from the cold
  • Lightly prune annuals


  • Fertilize citrus trees if not done in January
  • Plant and fertilize annuals
  • Fertilize lawn and trees including palms
  • Prune your roses before Valentines Day!


  • Control scab disease on citrus
  • Fertilize perennials
  • Plant and fertilize vegetables
  • Watch for pests


  • Remove thatch from lawns
  • Seed sod or plug lawns
  • Prune and fertilize spring flowering shrubs
  • Fertilize outdoor potted plants


  • Prune poinsettias to encourage a dense plant
  • Check for signs of turf insects
  • Check for and control scale insects and mites
  • Control oleander caterpillars


  • Fertilize citrus trees and outdoor potted plants
  • Spray roses for black spot
  • Correct palm and cycad deficiencies
  • Start cuttings and plant palm trees


  • Fertilize azaleas, camellias, and hibiscus
  • Correct iron deficiency (yellowing) and check soil pH
  • Recycle grass clippings on grass or flower beds
  • Install a rain sensing device


  • Add organic material to garden soil
  • Deadhead annuals, perennials, and Crepe Myrtles
  • Lightly groom roses to encourage fall bloom
  • Apply Epsom salts to palms to correct yellowing


  • Watch for infestation of worms in turf
  • Inspect and repair sprinkler system
  • Divide and replant perennials and bulbs
  • Prune cold-sensitive plants so they can harden off


  • Fertilize lawn, trees, and shrubs
  • Prepare Christmas cactus for holiday bloom
  • Purchase and refrigerate spring bulbs
  • Clean up fallen tree branches to control twig girdlers


  • Reduce irrigation frequency as weather cools
  • Plant cold-hardy landscape plants
  • Bring household plants inside for the winter
  • Control scale insects with horticultural oil


  • Select and tidy up poinsettias for holiday display
  • Recycle fallen leaves and use as mulch
  • Troubleshoot household plant problems
  • Protect tender plants during cold evenings


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* published by the Hillsborough County Cooperative Extension Service